In the realm of aesthetic enhancements, injectables like Botox and Dermal Fillers stand as the epitome of modern beauty solutions. Botox, renowned for its wrinkle-smoothing prowess, offers tailored treatments based on the areas of focus.


Whether you're looking to refine a specific area, harmonise two regions, or rejuvenate three distinct facial zones, there's a Botox service designed to meet your aspirations. On the other hand, Dermal Fillers cater to those seeking to restore or enhance volume, particularly in areas like the lips, nasolabial folds, and marionettes. From a subtle 0.5ML enhancement that whispers elegance, to a more pronounced 1ML refinement, or even a transformative 2ML or 3ML treatment, there's a filler volume to match every aesthetic vision.


These services promise not just beauty, but a renewed sense of confidence, blending the art of aesthetics with the science of rejuvenation. Embrace the future of beauty, where every enhancement is a testament to personal expression and refined artistry.




1 Area


Target a specific facial area with our focused Botox treatment. Designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this service offers a rejuvenated and refreshed look tailored to your desired outcome.

2 Areas


Opt for a broader approach by treating two facial areas of your choice. This service ensures a harmonised look, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles in multiple areas for a balanced rejuvenation.

3 Areas


Experience comprehensive facial enhancement with our three-area Botox treatment. By targeting multiple regions, we aim to create a uniformly youthful and refreshed appearance, revitalising your natural beauty.

Dermal Filler (Lips, Nasolabial Folds, Marionettes)



Choose a subtle enhancement with our 0.5ML dermal filler. This service is perfect for those seeking a natural-looking lift or volume increase to their lips or a gentle smoothing of nasolabial folds or marionettes.



Experience noticeable yet elegant refinement with our 1ML dermal filler. Ideal for those wishing to achieve a more pronounced volume or correction, while still maintaining a natural allure.



Opt for a transformative look with our 2ML dermal filler. This service offers a significant volume enhancement or deeper correction of facial lines, ensuring a stunning yet graceful outcome.



Indulge in a comprehensive facial revamp with our 3ML package. By allowing a higher volume of filler, this service ensures a remarkable transformation, perfectly tailored to your aesthetic desires.



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