Waxing is the age-old ritual of beauty and confidence, offering a transformative journey from prickly to silky smooth.


Whether you're preparing for a beach vacation or simply seeking that flawless feel, there's a waxing service tailored for every need. From the comprehensive Hollywood/Brazilian wax, which promises a near-total hair-free experience, to the more conservative Bikini or Extended Bikini wax, there's a level of precision for every preference. But why stop there? With services for Full Leg, Half Leg, and Arm, you can embrace a touchably soft skin from head to toe. Facial waxing, too, offers a realm of refinement.


From sculpting the perfect Eyebrows to eliminating unwanted hair on the Lip and Chin, every detail is catered for. And for those seeking an added touch of elegance, the Eyebrow Tint or the comprehensive Infinity Hybrid Brows service ensures brows that not only shape the face but also make a statement. In the world of waxing, every strip pulled is a step closer to a more confident, radiant you. Embrace the transformation, and let your skin do the talking.





Achieve that clean, smooth look with our Hollywood/Brazilian waxing service. Ideal for those wanting a near-complete hair removal from the front to the back.

Extended Bikini


For a look that’s a little more than the classic bikini but not as extensive as a Brazilian, our extended bikini wax expands the boundaries to ensure a more refined silhouette.



Get beach-ready with our basic bikini wax. Perfect for tidying up the bikini line, ensuring a clean look in any swimwear.

Full Leg


Silky smooth from hip to toe. Our full leg waxing service ensures your legs are touchably soft and free of unwanted hair.

Half Leg


Get beach-ready with our basic bikini wax. Perfect for tidying up the bikini line, ensuring a clean look in any swimwear.



Wave goodbye to unwanted arm hair. Our arm waxing service leaves your skin feeling soft and looking flawless.



Define and shape your brows to perfection. Our expert technicians will craft the ideal brow shape to complement your facial features.



Get rid of those pesky unwanted hairs from your upper lip for a smoother appearance.



Eliminate unwanted chin hair, ensuring a cleaner and more polished facial profile.

Lip and Chin


Combine and save. Enjoy a smooth upper lip and chin by opting for our bundled waxing service.

Eyebrow wax, Lip wax, Chin wax


Enjoy a full face refresh with our bundled service targeting eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. Perfect for a harmonious, hair-free facial appearance.

Eyebrow wax and tint


Enhance and define your brows with our dual service. Get the perfectly shaped brows you've always wanted, complemented by a colour boost to match your style.

Eyebrow Wax


Sculpt and refine your eyebrows for a polished and well-maintained appearance.

Eyebrow Tint


Boost your brow colour for added definition. Our tinting service ensures a natural, fuller-looking brow that complements your facial tone.

Infinity Hybrid brows


Experience the best of both worlds with our Infinity Hybrid brows. Combining precision waxing with specialised tinting techniques, this service offers brows that are shaped to perfection and boldly defined.



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